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The Grudge - Cursed Saeki Home Diorama Papercraft by Sabi996 The Grudge - Cursed Saeki Home Diorama Papercraft by Sabi996
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :D)

Yes, it's still work in progress, and No, you can't have the files. Some asshole will copy it either way, so no worries :) (In case you don't get sarcasm this means that i'm kinda pissed).
Toshio and the banisters are still halfway built, and i need the banisters on the stairs too. And i really should bend her hair either back onto the stairs or down. Other than that everything is done. I really wish there was a way i could make a mini speaker to put inside her head to make the death rattle :P

Here we see the lovely croaking old toad, Kayako, who is on her way down the stairs to show us who's boss, while her son is currently not home.

I had a blast building kayako, the house on the other hand was a LIVING NIGHTMARE. I used 3 blocks of styrofoam to strenghten the walls. So i guess the house is pretty stable now. I used one block to reinforce the wall by the stairs, one for the upper floor and the third one was split in two to reinforce the height of the second floor.

This house is huge, like 60x60x50cm in size, which is surprisingly large for 40 pages including Kayako and Toshio.

On the other hand, I am open for suggestions. I feel a bit nostalgic for not releasing anything in a long while, and then i remember that packing the files is way too much work to please someone who's gonna hate me either way :D
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June 30, 2014
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