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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

  2. What does your username mean?

  3. Describe yourself in three words.

  4. Are you left or right handed?

  5. What was your first deviation?

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

  8. What was your first favourite?

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

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1. I've been on DeviantArt for more than 5 years, I joined in May 2010.
2. It's quite simple, really. Sabi is my nickname, 96 is the year I was born in, but since Sabi96 was taken, I settled for 996.
3. Fair, Honest, Loyal.
4. Righty.
5. Oh, please don't do this to me :D
6. Artisan crafts (Paper models)
7. Digital art
8. A digital drawing of Oshawott ^v^
9. Papercraft
10. Not sure.
11. Not sure of that either.
12. I've gotten a few new friends I now keep in touch with.
13. 3D modelling software, Adobe Photoshop CC.
14. Sitting anywhere outside in the open with fresh air.
15. The create a story contest. I've read some seriously hilarious stuff as entries :)


Happy Birthday DeviantArt!
  • Mood: Yearning
  • Listening to: Automatic Instrumental, Towards the Sun, Paradise
  • Reading: NO LONGER MAATH!! (Gonna read Paper Towns soon)
  • Watching: Paper Towns (Tomorrow at the movies)
  • Playing: FNaF 4, Batman Arkham Knight


Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) Papercraft WiP 2 by Sabi996
Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) Papercraft WiP 2
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

Files are NOT shared, not available anywhere online, and asking for them is basically asking to be shot down or ignored (unless I told you to ask for what you want to build). And the files will never be shared since I got asked on facebook to give an unlocked pdo to change the size to an unreleased craft, like they did to a craft I already released. And since I always lock my pdos I know that it's been hacked. So never again will I post pdos online. If you want it, commission for it.

Coming along nicely. This is what I have after more than 2 weeks of active building. The head is fully finished (AMEN). There is a lot of hair on her head right now. You can see for yourself. I decided to build the legs before the body. The legs are built with 80gsm paper glued on top of 240gsm paper. That's really thick, If she collapses I will collapse with her. The boots are my favorite part so far. In the pictures the boots and legs are not glued together. I just stacked them and she's miraculously stable. There is one part on the blue boot that drives me crazy, as it's whiter than the other parts. The shoelaces are ALL glued on one by one, not just textures.

The diamonds on the knees were not hard, but there are 32 of them, so I was pretty bored by the end of it.

I had to stop at the skirt since I ran out of glue (2nd large tube for Harley only). I built the bottom layer of the skirt first, then added the 3 layers of frills to it, and then added one more to the top. I shall continue as soon as I get more glue.

Any comments?
Mime Minion Papercraft Model by Sabi996
Mime Minion Papercraft Model
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

Files are not shared publicly, any requests will either be shot down or ignored completely.

Well this came as a surprise to me, too. I was taking a break from building Harley Quinn, and was editing the Maid Minion after quite a long pause. I was editing and glanced upon my Mime Rabbid. Suddenly all I could think about was "mimemimemimemimemime" . But since there is no mime Minion outfit officially available as far as I know, I had to improvise. I painted his face white, added a red heart at the lips, and took the eye makeup from the Rabbid. The striped shirt is mime-like, so I had to throw that in, and white gloves. I am still not sure if I should change the pants into a black color. I originally wanted to make him a top hat, but I don't know... the beret seems more French to me.

The craft is set at 30cm, just like the regular Minion.

Any comments??
Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) Pre-Papercraft Render by Sabi996
Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) Pre-Papercraft Render
Yaay, another render.

This time made with the modified textures (modified by :iconsabi996:, AKA yours truly :P)

Other than that the model is heavily edited, from 50k poly to about 20k. What you see is the model that the papercraft I'm building right now is made of. Of course the hair will be a bit different in the build, and probably the pose will bend a little.

Oh, the build is still incredibly painful to do, because of all the hair.
Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) Papercraft WIP by Sabi996
Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) Papercraft WIP
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

The files are NOT shared publicly, any requests will either be shot down or ignored completely.

Believe it or not what you are seeing here took me more time than samus whole (this took I think 6 sittings of 5+ hours). Since I always have to make life more complicated for myself, I decided to cut each layer of hair into teeny tiny strands. That's clearly visible on her head, and the feeling you get when you run your finger across the head is nice. I am lacking the motivation to make the red side. I mean 21 pages of hair, bound to get repetitive. It's not even the cutting and the gluing. The problem is finding the back for a piece you need. Since the unfold had to be done rather quickly to be printed on time, I didn't bother searching for matching pieces and putting them next to each other. But because of that I build by cutting out a piece from a page and then checking all of the hair pages for the matching piece.

Hair on the head has 2 layers everywhere (so that means 4 parts). I took the first layer and glued it down without cutting strands out of it. Then I took the second layer and cut it into smaller pieces and glued it onto the first layer so that it rises a bit in the middle. It doesn't really look as good here as it does live.

The eyelashes are a bit messed up, and I chose not to make the bottom ones (I'm gonna remove them).

As for the pigtails (I don't know if they are pigtails, I know nothing about hair), I built each and every strand I found for this side. I didn't throw any away, even if it wouldn't be visible. I'm going to power through the left side and get on with building.

The logo you see will be my new logo. It was made by :iconsuperretrobro: . Thanks!

Btw. be sure to drop by the Nintendo Papercraft Forums:…  . I have a thread there and post updates regularly on most projects I'm making.

Any comments?
Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) Papercraft + Unfold by Sabi996
Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) Papercraft + Unfold
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

The files are NOT shared, any requests will either be shot down or ignored completely. This is a personal project.

So this was a really, really, REALLY long and excruciatingly painful edit and unfold. First of all, the model was really high-poly. Second, when I started the unfold, It had over 2000 parts. After a whole week of unfolding 5-7 hours a day, I managed to get the piece count down to 1359, and the page count to 89. Most of the parts are hair and laces, which are all double sided and most of them are actually optional to build.

I tweaked the textures a lot. First I brightened and added contrast. Second I added bump maps to the second version, and added a bit more black around the eyes and more red on the lips (might have overdone it, but at least it looks vivid). Third I noticed some weird shadows from the bump maps, and removed them. And finally I tweaked the levels and contrast a bit more.

I printed 4 pdf files of her so far. One of them is 160Mb, the rest are 1.8Gb each. Printed them at 1200dpi, with textures at 2K resolution (used pepakura High-Res).

I will print her on friday and get to building right away.

To see my whole frustrating experience with Harley Quinn, visit the Nintendo Papercraft forums and check out my thread. Harley talk starts right here :…

Be sure to register, we play a lot of forum games, discuss anything papercraft (not just Nintendo) and we have a live chat.


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Sabi Franjo
Artist | Student | Artisan Crafts
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Yo, wazzup. I'm Sabi, from Serbia. I've been papercrafting for 7 years (+- a few months). I Have been a member of dA for 4 years now, and I hate many people :p

Anything else you want to know?

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Hello. I am Colombian. I followed with many models as the Joker and I realized fans minions. I love.
Is it possible to get the files to develop them?

My email is

Sabi996 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Student Artisan Crafter
The joker is available on

The minion is commissions only
NormitaG Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015

Hola. Soy colombiana. Te he seguido con muchos modelos, ya realicé el Joker y soy fans de los minions. Me encantan.
¿Es posible obtener los archivos para desarrollarlos?

Mi correo es


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