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After a year and a half of not posting any Journals, I decided it was time to write one... like, just to say what's up and what I'm up to these days.

Well, first of all, I've been spending less time here the last few months, and haven't really been papercrafting a lot either, I didn't have a lot of free time. The free time I DID have I spent with my friends (mostly). I also have the final exams coming up and prom and all that.

Gaming-wise, I've been hunting for shinies, and if you have some shinies I can trade some crafts for them :D . And also I've been waiting for the PC version of GTA V, which I'm glad won't be delayed any more. I've preordered it back in January.

Now I do have some free time and I used it to make some crafts. I really want to make a few larger projects, like build myself a HUGE Shiny Arcanine from ORAS (A really spiky and detailed one). It's currently my favourite poke so a 1m tall craft should be enough.
For some smaller projects I was thinking a Floette with an Eternal Flower, A Chesnaught, a sleeping Oshawott, Hoopa, Rufflet, ORAS Eevee (life-sized), Pumpkaboo, Swablu and new Pidgeots (regular and Mega). I might have forgotten some but then again there are a lot of them.

As for some more serious projects I was thinking a diorama from The Fault in Our Stars. The Amsterdam bench with Gus and Hazel sitting on it, maybe? I don't know really, all I have made so far are their heads, and not even those look so great. This is a project I would love some help with. I don't plan on releasing it, just a personal project. But even if no help, no problem.

I've also spent quite some free time in the movies. The new Cinderella, Insurgent, Mockingjay Part 1, Fast and Furios 7, some more and am planning to go watch Avengers: Age of Ultron as soon as it comes out.

Also I'm checking the NP chat more than once daily, and it's mostly empty. If someone wants to chat they might catch someone…
I usually send some song lyrics, any random thing that pops into my head while i'm on there.

If anything else interests you in what i was doing I would be glad to answer. I don't really expect anyone to comment but I would love it if someone did :D
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The Grudge Diorama Papercraft by Sabi996
The Grudge Diorama Papercraft
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

The files are not shared publicly, any requests will either be shot down or ignored completely (unless you've built something I designed, then it doesn't hurt to try)

Well, this diorama was done back in August 2014, a few days before the exhibition. But the house itself no longer exists. It was taking up too much space (60x60x50cm) so I had to get rid of it. On the other hand the ghosts are sitting around on my shelves somewhere. They disappeared..... just kidding! The ghosts seem puny next to the house itself.

Oh, by the way, the stairs were not easy to build, but somewhat enjoyable, but gluing them to the wall was horrible. The walls kept bending, and when they didn't bend, the upper deck bent down, etc... So I had to use styrophoam planks (I don't know if I translated that correctly) to stabilize the walls and add support to the upper deck.

And I love the outcome. I especially like the look of it when in complete darkness I shine a light at it and the banisters hide bits of the ghosts. It looks awesome and a bit creepy when you see it for the first time.

Click Download for the full image (7342x3254)

Any Comments?
Zero Suit Samus (SSB4) Bust Pre-Papercraft Model by Sabi996
Zero Suit Samus (SSB4) Bust Pre-Papercraft Model
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

Posing her was a NIGHTMARE. I have no intentions of tweaking her pose. She will be left like this.
I will make a life-size papercraft bust of what you see right here. I just need an idea for a stand. Any ideas?
I might also need someone to suggest a size for the craft from the bottom of what you see to the top of the head.

Any Comments?
Ella (Cinderella 2015) Bust Papercraft WIP by Sabi996
Ella (Cinderella 2015) Bust Papercraft WIP
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

The files are not shared publicly, any requests will either be shot down or ignored completely.

I'm still alive! And she is coming to life. I've modified the full model and made a bust as well. Same pose, just cut a bit under the waist. I added the inside of her mouth and teeth to the bust :D , came out nice.... you can almost see them at a certain angle (mouth has a small opening, but adds to the charm since the movie shows her teeth quite a lot). Should be in scale with the busts of Anna, Elsa and Maleficent. I've built a bit of the dress and the hair is making the head lean a bit to the left (her right) so I will glue it to the dress once I finish it. Other than that I have no complaints.

Any comments?
Ella (Cinderella 2015) Model Render by Sabi996
Ella (Cinderella 2015) Model Render
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

Model ripped from Cinderella Free Fall, minor modifications to face features by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P .... again).

So the model is done editing, and unfolding, and I'm going to print most of her tomorrow (40 pages whole, I will print 13, which is all except the skirt and legs).

So until then, enjoy this big-ass render. Press download for the full sized one.


UPDATE: Oh, by the way, I released the Maleficent bust on my blog : sabi96papercraftbox.blogspot.c…
Hermione Granger Bust Papercraft by Sabi996
Hermione Granger Bust Papercraft
Designed by :iconsabi996: (AKA Me :P)

The files are not shared publicly, any requests will either be ignored or shot down! The only way to get the files is to commission them.

So I'm almost done with her. I just need to make the stand and she's done! I might make the time turner stand, or maybe something smaller. I used some string on the bottomless beaded bag, as you can see in the last image. Most of the pages that are shown here are parts of the hair (more than 40 pages). Still, the hair was the most fun part to build. After that the bag. The least favorite? The goddamn laces for the bag.

Btw. this is a 30MB Jpg, comverted from a 76MB Png. To see the full image you can click the download button.


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Sabi Franjo
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Yo, wazzup. I'm Sabi, from Serbia. I've been papercrafting for 7 years (+- a few months). I Have been a member of dA for 4 years now, and I hate many people :p

Anything else you want to know?

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